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NFL Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon In The NFL


This past Sunday in the NFL will be known as the day of the dog. At least as far as the odds makers are concerned. Of the 14 games on the board, 8 resulted in UPSETS. That is, the team that the “experts” had picked to win by x number of points, actually lost outright. In other words, the dog won. More >

Vilma and Williams are Killing the Saints

Vilma & Williams Are Killing The Saints


The bounty gate mess just keeps getting uglier & uglier. Dragging it all out in the media is acting like a big wet blanket on the team spirit of the New Orleans Saints. You can see it on their faces. That great unified team spirit that we have come to expect from the Saints, just ain’t there.

Now More >

White Sox and Tigers Battle for Central Title

White Sox & Tigers Battle It Out For The Al Central Title


The American League Central is one of the best races in baseball, and the Chicago White Sox take a big step forward with a 5-4 win over the Detroit Tigers in a makeup game for an earlier rainout. Detroit now trails Chicago by three games with 16 to play. The core of the 2012 White Sox highlight More >

Saints Bounty Scandal

Saints Bounty Scandal Involved Players Asked for Restraining Order


The Saints Bounty Scandal is yet to be finished, and one of the biggest signs of it is that the NFL Players Association has requested a temporary restraining order directly from a federal judge.  With this order, all players suspended because of their supposed connection with the bounty More >

UFC 151 Cancelled

UFC 151 Cancelled After Fighter Refuses to Fight


It’s not every day that you hear of an UFC champion that refuses to face a fight. Usually considered as the best fighters in the world, pound-for-pound, is not an usual occurrence to hear that a fight has been postponed because one of the parts involved refuse to accept an opponent, however that’s More >

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