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Dwight Howard

Magic Johnson Calls Out Dwight Howard


Dwight Howard was obviously very frustrated during the last game lost to the Spurs at Staples Center on Sunday evening. He had good reason to be. Half of his team, including most of the starting lineup, was sitting on the bench, dressed in street shoes, nursing some kind of incapacitating injury More >

Wrong Pay Per Head

What to do when you picked the wrong pay per head service?


So you’re kicking yourself because you didn’t do your due diligence and put the perspective pay per head service to the test before blindly moving all your players into that service, now what? Don’t feel like the lone ranger this exact scenario plays out time and time again and mostly happens with More >


NFL Misfits That Are Looking For Another Chance In 2013


You hear the rumors every year about this time that at least one or more of the NFL head cases are ready to make another go at a comeback and the 2013 NFL Football season isn’t any different!

Rumor has it that Terrell Owens is currently in training in hopes for another shot to once again play for More >

Futures Betting

Futures Betting Heavy On NBA and MLB

NBA Futures Betting

At the start of the 2013 NBA Playoffs it comes as no surprise that the Miami Heat are going in as favorites at 2/3. They have dominated the season winning 65 games while losing only 16 for a .802 percentage. The Heat have won 9 of their last 10 games and look to be going into More >

Kobe Bryant Achilles Tendon

Kobe Tears Achilles Tendon-Out For The Playoffs


After Friday night’s game against the Golden State Warriors, Kobe told the press, “I can’t walk,” Bryant said solemnly, leaning on crutches in the Lakers’ locker room. “I tried to maybe put pressure on my heel, but there was nothing there.”

Way back on Mar 29 Kobe hurt his foot. At the time it was More >

Bookies Software Options

Today’s Bookie Software Options


Today’s bookmaking software has evolved to fill the needs of bookies large and small. Throughout the 12 or so years that price per head services have been in operation, the software has been constantly upgraded by listening to bookmakers across the country and fine tuning the software to meet their More >

Rick Pitino

Rick Pitino Elected To The Naismith Hall Of Fame


Louisville’s Head Basketball Coach Rick Pitino had one hell of a week. Not only has his team, the Cardinals, made it past some pretty stiff competition to reach the championship game… the culmination of March Madness, then, he was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

But wait, More >

Mark Emmert

The University Of Miami Verses The NCAA


NCAA Commissioner Mark Emmert surely wishes that the big stink caused by the investigation by his office into shenanigans at the University of Miami would just go away.  However, it keeps coming back… again and again… each time worse than before.  Sports writers have even called for the resignation More >

Brian Urlacher

Urlacher Might Still Be A Bear


Nobody wants to see the great Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher in another uniform… especially one with horns on the helmet! Remember how sad Brett Farve looked in purple.   Urlacher’s got to go out as a Bear.

Somehow the Bears front office did not handle parting ways with Brian Urlacher with More >

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